Brewcraft India Black Ale ingredient Kit

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This newer style of beer is similar to the traditional India Pale Ale. There are two essential differences that make it an American-black as opposed to a India Pale. First is the color. It is much darker, almost taking on a coffee color. This is mostly due to the additional infuse of Black Patent malt. Not only does this add to its color, but is also gives the malt profile a slight roasted edge. The second difference is the lowering of the hop bitterness. It still has a lot of hoppiness to offer — more so than the average homebrew — but it has been brought back a bit to work in balance with the malt a little more. What you get with these differences is a beer that has an enjoyable, carmel-to-roasted flavor and aroma, with a finish that displays the slightly citrus/floral characters of the hops.

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