Briess Pale Ale LME 3.3lb Jar

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CBW® Pale Ale LME is produced from 100% Briess Pale Ale Malt, a fully modified high extract, low protein malt that is not just a darker Brewers Malt. The proprietary malting process for Briess Pale Ale Malt involves careful monitoring of the kiln drying process and specialized temperature rests that result in the development of its unique flavor. Briess Pale Ale Malt is produced in the U.S.A. from AMBA/BMBRI recommended 2-Row malting varieties. 

Advantages of using extract in a brewhouse include: 

  • Save time 
  • Increase capacity/boost productivity 
  • Extends the brew size by adding malt solids to the wort 
  • Boost gravity 
  • Adjust color 
  • Improve body and head retention 

• All styles of extract beer, and to adjust the color, flavor and gravity of all grain beers
• Use up to 100% for all-extract ales. Its rich malty flavor provides a strong malty backbone that supports inclusions of even the most demanding specialty malts
• Use with other base malt extracts for additional flavor, especially developing warm, malty and toasty flavors. 

Rich malt, hints of biscuit and nuts

Pale Ale Malt, Water

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