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Now that you've decided to take on home brewing, where do you start? Here are some of our favorite recipes that not only taste delicious, but they are easy to follow and are great for beginners. 

Belgian Wit - A Belgian Style ale that's very pale and cloudy in appearance due to it being unfiltered and the high level of wheat, and sometimes oats, that's used in the mash.
Black Bumme Porter - A standard American Porter. Slight hoppiness with a chocolate and roast finish.

Das Hopinator IPA - American style IPA that presents strong bitterness with a medium body and malt.

Guinness Draught Clone - Irish dry stout characterized by a thick, creamy head and a burnt, black body.

Honey Wheat - This honey wheat ale recipe is based on the American Wheat style, but a little darker in color and with a slightly sweeter flavor profile.

Irish Ale - Gentle maltiness, caramelly, earthy notes, and a generally restrained hop character. A balanced flavor profile that is easy to please. 

Oatmeal Stout - The addition of oats to this stout adds a smoothness not found in other dark beers. The oats not only add a lot of smoothness to the mouth feel but give a touch of sweetness that is unlike any other type of stout.

Oktoberfest Lager - This is a medium-bodied, smooth and malty brew made with German malts and German hops. A slight malty sweetness, but finishes dry.

Pale Ale - Light in color, this pale ale has a good balance of hops and malt. Not as hoppy as an IPA but still has a full flavor.

Smoked Scottish Ale - Clean and malty with a faint touch of smoke. This type of beer has a low hop profile due to the historical fact that hops are not grown in Scotland and expensive imported hops were, therefore, used sparingly. This ale is clear, deep amber or dark copper in appearance.

Simple American Amber - Evocative of more complex brews, this is a balanced beer with a full malt and light hop flavor.

Simple Northwest Ale - Full flavor and body are the main characteristics of this brew with a slight flowery aroma. 

Southern Nut Brown Ale - A sweeter, dark brown ale with a nutty malt flavor. 

Sweet Stout - This stout has more body and a sweetness than other stouts that counters the roasted character. 

Vanilla Caramel Cream Ale -  This brew is a light golden color with a light the body. Light hoppiness and caramel and vanilla aromas complete this light profile. 

Sugar Priming Bottling - A recipe and guide to sugar priming and bottling your home brew.