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Black Patent (50lb Bag)

Black Patent malt is a very highly roasted specialty malt. Black in color, Black Patent approaches 500 Lovibond. Used in smaller quantities, Black Patent imparts a roasty/smoky character to beers. In larger quantities, Black Patent adds a burnt, coffee-like quality. In addition to significantly darkening the beer, Black Patent also helps in head retention. The best example of the use of Black Patent malt is in the Porter beer style. The 'Patent' part of the name of this malt came about when, in 1817, Daniel Wheeler received a patent for roasting malted barley to be used in the Porters and Stouts of the day.

Typical Use : Specialty Malt
Lovibond : 500 Lovibond.
Flavor/Aroma : Roasty, Smoky, Burnt, Coffee
Styles : Porter, Stout 

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