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Cellar Classic Pinot Noir Wine Kit

If you’re willing to invest a little time in your wine making, your patience will be rewarded when you choose a Cellar Classic™ wine kit.

Cellar Classic wines are truly complex, boasting genuine varietal character because RJ Spagnols selects only the finest 100% varietal grape juice and grape concentrates from among the world’s premier vineyards. Many wine kits include specially chosen toasted oak chips for barrel-aged character and increased depth. This marriage of the finest quality ingredients can only mean one thing—a superior wine in your glass.

Every kit contains all you’ll need to produce a wine of quality, depth and character. With White and Red varieties to choose from, you are sure to find the perfect style to suit your tastes!

You begin with 15 liters* of premium varietal juice and concentrate, which means you add very little water to make 23 liters* of wine. In 6 weeks, you’ll find yourself with brilliantly clear wine, bursting with incredibly full aromas and flavors.

Once bottled, you can enjoy your Cellar Classic wines right away—the taste and aroma will impress you immediately. As it ages over the ensuing months, the character will continue to mature into a rich, luscious wine you’ll be proud to serve your friends and family.

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