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Red Star Cote Des Blanc Yeast

 Cote Des Blancs Yeast
Red Star Cote des Blancs (Davis 750), a strain of Saccharomyces cerevisiae, has been derived from a selection of the Geisenheim Institute in Germany. It is a relatively slow fermenter, identical to Geisenheim Epernay, but producing less foam. This yeast requires nutrient addition for most chardonnay fermentations. Cote des Blancs produces fine, fruity aromas and may be controlled by lowering temperature to finish with some residual sugar. It is recommended for reds, whites, sparkling cuves and non-grape fruit wines (especially apple, it is reported). Ferments best between 17-30C (64-86F). Sensitive below 13C (55F). Certified kosher.

Red Star Wine Yeast - 5 gram packet, sufficient for 5-6 gallons of juice. Also known as Eperney II. Good for meads, white wines, ciders, blush wines, riesling. Certifed kosher. Slow fermenting, very low foaming yeast tolerant of low temperatures.

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