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Brewers Garden Dried Elderberries 8 Oz

By themselves, elderberries make a rich, flavorful wine, but they have long been added to other fruit and berry wines, including grape, to add color, tannin and complexity. Elderberry wine has a unique flavor that changes considerably over time. When too few berries are used, the wine is thin and unlikely to improve. When too many berries are used, the tannins and other flavor constituents may overpower the palate and require dilution, blending or prolonged aging to mellow. Between these extremes are wines that often offer exceptional enjoyment. 

In 1 gallon of water, combine 5 oz of elderberries with 1 lb. of white rasins, 2 1/2 lbs. of sugar and 1 tsp acid blend, 1 tsp. nutrient and yeast. Ferment as any wine. Addition of 1/4 oz of oak chips will add "aged" flavor. 

$10.50 USD

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