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Brewers Garden Sarsaparilla

 Hemidesmus indicus. The herb takes its name from the Spanish "sarza" meaning a bramble, & "parilla", a vine. It is a misconception that sarsaparilla is the primary flavor of the beverage bearing its name. Refreshing sarsaparilla is made from a root beer type base to which has been added several of many roots & herbs. The sarsaparilla herb was originally added to beverages to help improve mouth feel & head retention, but mainly for its medicinal properties as an agent to cure mouth sores, rheumatism & dropsy.

 Indian sarsaparilla has a very pleasing aroma. Combine 2 oz. of the herb with other root beer ingredients, place all ingredients in 2 gallons of water, at the boil and immediately turn off heat. Let stand covered for 2 hours to infuse.

$3.99 USD

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