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Spalter GR Pellet Hops (1oz)

Usually considered one of the classic noble hops, spalter is the landrace hop of Germany's Spalt growing region, closely related to Saaz Saazer and Tettnang Tettnanger. Today some Spalter hops are also grown in other parts of Germany and marketed simply as Spalt.

Spalt Spalter has a mild, spicy aroma that is often compared to Czech Saaz or Tettnang Tettnanger. Can be used in any beer calling for a noble hop.

Because of the poor growing characteristics of this hop, Spalt Select, a hop claimed to have similar flavor and aroma but better growing characteristics, was released by the German hop breeding program at Hüll in the 1980s, and is now grown extensively both in Spalt and in the the Hallertau. Some Spalt Select hops available to American homebrewers may be labeled simply as "Spalt" or "Spalter".

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