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SS Air Still Companion Pack

All the equipment needed for use with the Turbo Air Still.

• 10 Litre (2 1/2 US Gallon) Fermenter (Plastic Bucket & tap)
• Fermenter Lid with Air Filter
• Collector for measuring distillate from Air Still
• Filter for purifying water or distilled Spirit.
• “No Rinse” Steriliser Sachet

The carbon cartridge should be replaced for each
bottle filtered.
The Foam Washers are reusable for up to about
three batches but need to be replaced when they no longer recover to their normal width.
To produce 9 litres of wash for use in the Air Still your customers will need to purchase an Air Still
Ingredient Pack which contains all of the consumables needed and includes:
• Yeast and Nutrients (Dry Mix)
• Turbo Carbon (Wet Mix)
• Two Part Finings
• 3 carbon cartridges

• Detailed colour instructions included with every Air Still Companion Pack
• Change the carbon cartridge for each bottle filtered.
• To make higher volume but lower quality, you can choose to produce 1125ml of spirit from each
run through the Air Still. To do this collect 800ml and add 150ml of clean water to this before filtering.
After filtering, top up to 1125ml, leaving room for the flavor. Remember to change the carbon
cartridge after each bottle.

• Easy to use and assemble
• Revolutionary development in alcohol filtration
• Purpose designed solid activated carbon blocks
• No messy powdered or granulated carbons to handle
• Fermenter Lid Air Filter—No intrusive smells in the kitchen! 

$45.00 USD

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