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Top Shelf Apple Schnapps

Delightfully crisp, just like Granny Smith apples! Top Shelf Schnapps Liqueur essences all make 1.125 liters (38 ounces) of spirit. You will also need Vodka (40% alcohol) and Schnapps Liqueur Base ( item BC55018 ) to make these spirits. Making these Schnapps liqueurs is now easier than ever! Step 1: Mix 250 ML (1 cup) of boiling water with the Schnapps base. Step 2: Add 650 ML of Vodka and stir! Step 3: Add 50 ML Still Spirits Schnapps Liqueur and stir. Step 4: Top up with cool water to the 1.125 ML Level (4.75 cups) Step 5: Fill your glass and enjoy! Chill prior to serving. Still Spirits Apple Schnapps can be enjoyed straight up in a shot glass or served over ice with lemonade. They're also wonderful combined with bubbly! Schnapps are a great addition to dessert recipes and many make wonderful ice cream toppings.


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