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Top Shelf Irish Cream

Top Shelf Irish Cream essence by Still Spirits Makes 1.125L (1.5 Bottles) Take 500ml of 40% Alcohol, add still spirits cream base, flavoring and then top up to 1.125L with water. Mix well and enjoy. No evening entertaining is complete without a bottle of Still Spirits Cream Liqueur essence. With a wide range to choose from there is something to suit everyone's taste. Cream Liqueurs are extremely easy to make - you simply add the Still Spirits Cream Liqueur and Base to the appropriate amount of alcohol, and top up with water where directed. Top Shelf Irish Cream Liqueur essences all make 1.125 liters (38 ounces) of spirit. You will also need Vodka (40% alcohol), Cream Liqueur Base, and boiling water to make these spirits. Making these liqueurs is now easier than ever! Step 1: Mix 250 ML (1 cup) of boiling water with the base. Step 2: Add 500 ML of Vodka and stir! Step 3: Add 50 ML Still Spirits Cream Liqueur and stir. Step 4: Top up with cool water to the 1.125 ML Level (4.75 cups) Step 5: Fill your glass and enjoy! Note: refrigerate after making your cream liqueurs.

$4.99 USD

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