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Top Shelf Scotch Heather Whiskey

A complex Whiskey with rich oak & subtle peat tones very good on the rocks. Similar to Johnnie Walker Red Label Still Spirits Top Shelf Scotch Whiskey Essences are beautifully presented in 50ml bottles that are labelled individually to hint at the commercial spirit they emulate. There is a complete range of spirit essences to fill your liquor cabinet. Each bottle of essence makes 2.25 liters (4.75 US Pints) or 3 x 750ml bottles (3 x 26oz). Still Spirits line of flavorings are the most popular line of flavorings. In the USA, while you cannot legally distill your own alcohol, you can go buy cheap vodka, filter it through our carbon filter (It makes a big difference), and add the Still Spirits flavorings to make your own liquors. These flavorings make 2.25 liters (.59 gallons) of spirit. Just mix and drink!

$4.99 USD

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