Vintners Wine Starter Kit

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So you want to learn how to make wine at home, but you don't know where to begin. Grab this wine starter kit by Vintner's Harvest.

This comprehensive kit comes with all of the equipment needed to craft a batch of your own unique vino. Just grab your ingredients, a few empty bottles, and you're ready to get started. * In addition to the equipment, the set also includes simple instructions that give you all of the skill and knowledge needed to start making great wine immediately.

After a few trial runs, your friends will start believing that the stuff you're serving came from a renowned commercial winery.

Includes - (1) 8 gallon fermenter with lid, (1) Airlock & grommet, (1) Plastic syphon assembly with tubing for transferring wine, (1) 6 U.S. gallon carboy, (1) Bottle filler, (1) Fermometer, (1) Hydrometer, (1) Airlock and rubber bung for carboy, (1) 15 inch spoon, (30) Synthetic corks, (1) Twin lever corker, (1) Pack 4 ounce Star San cleaner, and (1) Pack 2 ounce PBW sanitizer.

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